The Other Side of Life



“Berdych has achieved a lot since we met a couple of year ago.  From a shy, quiet man to a confident, still the caring and humble gentleman.  He has given permission to share his thoughts (he wrote it himself).  It is an honour to have his story published here.”

I had learnt a lot after my first experience as an observer Reach Out Klang Walk of Kindness and Fun.  It touched my heart as volunteers willingly shared their love with the street people. The caring and food distribution at least can help reduce them suffering from hunger.

In this world, nobody wants to be poor and homeless. Every street man must have his own reason and story to why he sleeps in the street. They are the people who may have been abandoned by society.

I feel the saddest when I saw their children having to follow their parent’s path and life. The children have no toys, no way out, no alternative, no money, no school and no future. Some of them even have no parents and family members. It definitely needs more effort and hard work for street children to achieve their success in their journey of life compared with those children born from rich family. It is hard but I still believe they have the opportunity if society is willing to help.

We can’t deny there is unfairness in this society. Every person has their own starting point and background. We cannot compare with each other. How we want to live our life is depending on our mindset.

I am from a medium income family. I need to rely on my own hands to succeed in my life. My mindset and emotions are very important. If my whole life I think negative, my whole life’s journey will be negative. If I am complaining this and that, I will be blaming the world how bad my life is. If I choose to make positive difference in the world and make a change in society, then I will become a warrior of society.

Being born poor does not mean you will be poor your entire life. Being poor does not mean you cannot achieve your dream.

God gives you a lower starting point to see how tough you are, how independent you are and how brave you are. For those people who look down on the street people, I hope you understand that one day you might be poor and homeless. You are lucky now as you are born with everything you need and is comfortable. If everybody is given a same starting point, I don’t think you would have the ability to face the challenge and destiny as what poor family children do.

It is our responsibility as a human being to care and help others. Don’t only care for yourself, help yourself and think only of yourself. We will change other people’s destiny if we do some good.

We should spread the sending of love to every corner of the world. Every child has their own ability and potential. We should educate and give the same opportunity to them. Do whatever you think you can to make somebody’s life easy and channel them to the right path.

They are my heroes- Catherine, Bella and Fred showing a very good example. They are always the front men in charity. They have a very merciful at heart and nice to people. I can see they live a simple life but very meaningful and fruitful life. I hope there are more and more people concern about others. Don’t be so cold and ruthless.

Everybody must hold the principle that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

 10448187_10152620164933620_3409083756347204797_n (1)

Written by Berdych Tan Teck Chai


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