About Me


Catherine Lim

Embracing Life, Inspiring Change

Despite being afflicted with polio, Catherine Lim’s disability has given her the desire and impetus to inspire and empower others. Her passion for living has spurred her to overcome numerous obstacles and challenges to achieve emotional breakthrough through self realisation and soul searching journeys. As a result, she has turned her disability into a possibility. She is passionate when it comes to teaching, sharing and empowering people in a deeper level.

Catherine trains and coaches, using her unique life experience, in areas like Speaking with Confidence, Empowering your Potential, Bringing Out Possibilities, LOL Therapy.  She believes in maintaining the right attitude and outlook to serve and communicate effectively whilst having fun.  Utilising techniques learnt in NLP, Laughter Yoga, etc, she has created an impact and transform people’s mindset in her teaching and coaching.

A part time English coach/tutor, not only does she shares her knowledge but also her passion for life to inspire and to empower.  Intrigued by the way the deaf communicate and her desire to communicate better, drove her to learn sign language and become and interpreter for the deaf and coach sign language to hearing people too.  She is also a drum circle facilitator.  Her Toastmaster’s experience has helped her share her experience how one can be confident and able to find one’s potential.

She has also shared the stage with our Malaysia radio personality and trainer Richard La Faber and world renowned motivational speaker W Mitchell.

She has attended trainings and seminars by reputable trainers and speakers like Scott McKain, Michael Losier, Jack Canfield, Dr. Billy Kueek and Asia’s Leading Voice & Presentation Coach and expert trainer Deborah Torres Patel.

  • Master NLP Practitioner (ABNLP)/ Master Clinical Hypnotherapist (ABH)
  • Time Line Therapy® Master Practitioner
  • Impact System © Master Coach and Certified Master Class Trainer (BKI)
  • Drum Circle Facilitator (Arthur Hull)
  • Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (Dr  Madan Kataria)

She contributes articles and short stories to the local newspaper, organisational newsletter, periodicals, and Dr Billy Kueek’s book  titled Engage: The Parable of the Pencil and Other Stories.  She shares her thoughts and experiences in her  blog, Catherine Lim: The Calling Within.   Her other favourites are singing, playing codebreakers, volunteer in NGO events, travelling, reading, participating in charity walks, dancing, conduct Laughter Therapy (LOL Therapy).


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