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Enjoy your ice cream


Every day, we go through life with some form of stress and challenges and no matter how patient we are, we still will lose it.

Life, like the road we travel, has bumps, humps, traffic lights, blockages, potholes… okay okay,,,  we do have smooth rides…   Or your kids or adults around us just drives us nuts!

How do you react towards those challenges?  Do you get impatient, or just drive through those challenges ?

Whatever, you feel is just part of us.  Most importantly, at the end of it all, we can laugh at our own silliness for those negative emotions as we are not able to change the situation that is beyond our control.

At least we are still alive to enjoy these life adventures…  Be abundantly blessed and feel blessed.

So, remember to enjoy an ice cream and relax.  Let your inner child out…  LAUGH, BE SILLY, FEEL SILLY…….


Review – TKFTBA2- Before We Forget

I was feeling under the weather the past few days and to get myself out of the house for a movie helped. I decided to write this to share my thoughts.

Overall, The Kid from The Big Apple 2 got my attention to many issues about family, communication, forgiveness, judgement, childlike playfulness, love, sacrifice, change and the disease called Dementia.  You could hear sniffles here and there as certain parts of the movie do make the audience cry.

This Malaysian made movie has so many elements and values that are slowly missing in families and relationships.  This time Director Jess Teong delivers about dementia and old age where we see dignity in it. I see how grandpa is portrayed to understand his deteriorating memory and he was afraid of causing hurt to his family whilst fear that he would forget his family.  A dilemma I believe most old people will experience.

What is beautiful about this story, that his daughter Sophia and granddaughter Sarah adores Grandpa and their love overcame every obstacles they have.

Sarah and Bao truly show the innocence of children and their positive mindset which we can all use and learn from.  As adults, most of us including me see problems as problems rather than something which we can find solution or alternative to overcome.

Neighbours he had when he was living in the flat were truly family. With their unique behaviours and attitude, they held on to love and friendship and that kept him going for so many years living alone. I love the fact I used to experience such love and friendship from the neighbours, overlooking their inquisitive and ‘kaypo’ (nosy) behaviour.

Sophia’s past with her husband and at first it was all the bad, irresponsible man played by Shaun Tan.  He played his role well and when he told the reasons he left  so that Sophia can graduate (he sacrificed his studies so that financially, he can support her) and how much he regretted not being there to see Sophia succeed, receive their daughter together, change nappies, etc). Whatever the excuse, we do make decisions based on what was right at that time.  Here, the communication between 2 persons is reconciled and mended broken fences which is important.

I love Ah Bao (Jason Tan) fun loving, silly but innocent child character.  He really brings everyone together .  I can say he is the highlight and the hero in the movie.  He teaches us trust, integrity, creativity, how to have fun, how to love, etc.. all the values we have to be.

Ti Lung, the actor who played Grandpa was my hero when he was the Kung Fu (martial arts) movies.  Seeing him at this age was totally a surprise.  He suddenly changed from a kungfu fighting actor to become a frail old man.

I understand that part where he and Ah Meng went to an old folks home to see if he can live there so that he does not burden his daughter. He changed his mind after seeing the condition there and what Ah Meng shared where  he (Ah Meng)  did not have a chance to spend more time with his mother because he put her in a home.  He regretted it.

Grandpa also talked about how he wished he could travel the whole of Malaysia and spend more time with his daughter and Sarah.  The biggest fear is that he would forget them both.

My own father wish was to visit his hometown and we made that wish happen 2 years ago, but sadly he cannot recognise even his own school.  I am glad we took that trip though.

This movie touched the core of my being because I am living with my nearly 90 year old father going through his 2nd childhood.  I admit that I struggle accepting my formerly strong, easy going father to a grumpy, stubborn, lazy old man who at times forget what he does or what he has eaten, he is living in his own time zone; totally not the man I used to know.  He has his moments but it is still alright.  I just thank God he can recognise us at home. Whilst watching the movie, my father flashed through my head and I cried knowing that I have so much I still have to do; to accept my father as he is now and to love him as he is.   I love him and it is my duty to care for him; no home can care for him and my mother like our own.  I am blessed he is still physically alright.

In real life, my father is not like Grandpa, with such good behaviour as he can be quite a handful, like a child who refused to do things when called to, but he has his good times.  Thank God he knows who we are and is still able to argue with us.

Congratulations Jess Teong for one of the best family drama alive.  You truly bring back and remind us the values which we a losing in our current society.  Bring more to our screen such valuable lessons we need.

Whilst my father is breathing, I will do my best to love him and spend that time with him until he goes home to his Maker.  TKFTBA 2 – Before we Forget is a reminder to me of my situation and how I should ‘handle’ it.

Live another day, live it well.  Make it count each day knowing we lived.  –  Catherine Lim


My father enjoying his coffee.


Past caught up with me

It has been a while since I have met anyone from my distant past during my youth where my life was filled with questions where life had no purpose.

For the past months, I was busy with work and being a daughter to my elderly parents and reflecting on  where God wanted me to go.  Placing my trust in my creator is one of those where it challenges me to let go of control and allowing Him to journey with me.

Anyway, back to my meeting people of my distant past as a youth. This came to be as this gnawing question “how has my life impacted or just by being me, has any meaning at all, especially during the years where everything seemed wrong, and when I was about to give up.”  That gnawing question was answered a couple of days ago.

A few months ago, I was in a place of gathering and from a far a guy smiled at me and then walked into the hall.  He looked familiar and yet I was not sure.  Then a few days ago, I was back there again and he was seated a few rows behind me.  After the event was over, I walked towards him and called his name ( I was very sure).  His eyes sparkled and he smiled and said, “You remembered my name”. He quickly told he me was sick and also lost a leg and his memory.  He forgot almost everything about his life.  Slowly, he could remember certain things and he said he remembered me (except my name).  His memory told him that I am someone from his past and then he remembered how I inspired him because of my disability and being able to dance so well in functions.  He loved to sing and we used sing together.  After his sickness 7 years ago, he is now teaching music at home but has not sung.  I encouraged him to sing again and I know he can.

We were not close but we were close enough to enjoy each other’s company whenever we met for singing and practice those days.  Somehow, we lost contact and that was more than 20 years.

In that 10 minutes of just getting acquainted again (did not get to details of his sickness which he said he would want to share with me more as he died and came back to life again), I learned so much about him and myself. He is strong and uplifted.  The man with so much joy in his life despite his predicament. He told me he remembered always how inspired he was of me and that I am strength and a positive energy to those I am with.

I am so humbled by his encouragement and affirmation because as a youth, with so much of anger, questions about my existence, I could still inspire others by just being me.

After more than 20 years, I would say that this message gave me  the opportunity to share perhaps with young people of today that –

No matter how shitty life was,  as a human being, we are created for a purpose even when we are at our lowest point in life.  We only just keep pushing forward and live.  JUST LIVE.

Be curious, be adventurous, go out for activities that you like.  Get involved in charity works, serve the community, dance, sing;  just avoid illegal stuff.   The more you get involved, you meet people ;  whether those who will encourage you or ‘trample’ you –  they are actually helping you to grow. Communicate (not fight or argue) with you family members, especially your parents.  I know that parents are dominating but they do it our of love.  Be patient.

The more you keep going the more you grow and see who you are and able to grow from strength to strength and even, at the same time, inspire someone or two during your journey.  The tougher your journey, the stronger you are.  No matter how bad your storm of life is, the sun will always shine at the end of it all.  That’s how life is.  JUST DON’T GIVE UP !!!!!

What you ask will be answered,  in HIS TIME!  Trust yourself because HE created you! He cannot be wrong to create you!

I am writing this as a reminder to myself or anyone who may need this message.

My prayer is that life will lead you to where you want to go.  Journey it with faith and prayer.  Angels are around to guide you.  ‘Devils’ too… they teach you many things of what you should not become.

Ask for help; Learn and learn and keep learning and then share.  Give yourself to others in need.

We are reflections of each other.  Those who criticize you have mirrors that need cleaning, that’s all.  They cannot see more of themselves.

Most importantly, overcome yourself with victory!



One’s Life Journey

Today, I have met so many people with so many different life story and how they came out strong and persevered.

Best of all coming out still loving and kind although still with feelings of hurt.

Gratitude and sense of abundance are so important elements which we need to hold and send out each day so that blessings continue to be showered on us as we journey each day.

Life is precious and whatever we do today, will affect tomorrow and those we touch.

One’s life journey is truly important and precious no matter where it leads.

How our little actions or even just a smile can actually change or move someone’s heart and even bring joy.


Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing. – Mother Teresa





Act of Kindness Today



It’s been a long time since I walked the morning market.  Hustle and bustle of sellers and buyers.  Fresh vegetables, fruits, trinkets, clothes, bags, dry food, canned food, coconut water, breakfast of sorts, you name it, we have it here in Malaysia.

This morning, I got up early and with my sister, Bel, we took a stroll and joined another sister of ours and my oldest niece and had breakfast.  My niece has her favourite stall that sells the freshest cakes and breads and persuaded to see and then I bought a butter cake home for my old folks.

Both my sister and my niece left but l and I sat at the coffeeshop and had our breakfast when a lady with a file came and asked for donation for a underprivileged centred which is in another state up north.  Usually, we reject such request because there are lots of syndicate involved.  However, today Bel decided that she will not question and just gave a small some. Then we asked the lady if she had breakfast and we wanted to buy her a cuppa.  She declined and thanked us for our kindness.

About 2 minutes later, an Indian gentleman approached our table and greeted us.  We know him as he has been selling lottery tickets for many years and he knows that I do not buy them.  Whenever we meet he would pass me but would greet me.  This morning, he asked how we were and that he has not seen me for a while.  We chatted and wanted to buy him a cuppa too but he declined gently and thanked us.  Then I decided that today I will buy from him since we happened to meet.

I  told Bel that 2 people rejected our offer for a cuppa but we contributed to their effort. That was the least we did.

It is somewhat a beautiful and fulfilling morning and the joy and satisfaction feeling inside of us gave us the sense of purpose that our life today is meaningful.  We are creatures of giving and sharing.  Being selfish is not in our system because you will feel dissatisfied and unhappy.  I do.

The rest of the morning after that we went about getting some soil and pots for our plants and Bel did another act of kindness when she asked the workers in the nursery if they wanted coconut water as they were having a quick bite to fill their hunger pangs while entertaining customers.  So we  did.

What a day it has been for us and I should say that our life bank account has some good deposits today.  I look forward to the rest of today and I want to enjoy every moment including writing this.

We received gifts from a good buddy of ours who went overseas just now and we are grateful because those gifts are blessings from above.

How has your day been today?  Celebrate the small happenings thank the Universe for today’s path and the stops we are going to make before the day ends.

Live every moment, and respond rightly to events that occur.  Be a magnet of positivity and greatness.

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