“Catherine brings this raw energy that comes from deep withinshe speaks with courage, conviction and much joy!
As a person she is kind, gentle and genuine… always showing the compassion and grace that exudes from her heart”

Mel Leow ~ Coach of Coaches, PCC (ICF), MBA, Attitude and Motivation Specialist at www.APICoaching.com

“Catherine is an extremely passionate trainer who has the most genuine interest in her client’s wellbeing.
She has a wonderful story that inspires and makes you want to achieve more”

Cherry Pua ~ Managing Director of Superstar Stage Pte Ltd.

“Catherine has the best laugh and singing voice. Both just radiate pure joy and happiness – it’s infectious!”

Maxine Lee ~  Tax Manager of Baker Hughes Malaysia

“Inspiring, Loving and Full of Life. An amazing true example of persistence and perseverance”

Yandaro Al Amien ~ Entrepreneur, Educator & Tribe Builder at yandaroalamien.com 

“Catherine is a real friend who walks in when the rest of world walks out on me. Her beautiful voice and laugh always in my mind ”

Patrick Choy IDS ~ Service Mgt – PM AmBank (M) Bhd

“Catherine is a reminder that we need not look far for inspiration. While other motivational speakers who lived half way around the world doing things we can barely relate to, Cat is a home-grown beacon of positivity. The challenges she has to go through, and later put her through to push her limits, are a constant nudge for the rest of us to take stock on our resources and go out to achieve great things with our lives. Why, because like Cat would put it, we can!”

Maverick Foo ~ Cofounder of KICKSTART.MY, Talent Development Consultant

“Knowing Catherine for the last few years is really a blessing for me. I love her smiles and the cheers she brings to people around her. She’s really an example of inspiration and motivates others to better themselves. She’s also kind at heart and gives me a feeling that she’ll always be there for anyone who needs her. God bless you Catherine!”

– Mary Sai Soo Ngoh Senior Procurement & Contracts Manager, UEM Sunrise Berhad

“Whoever you are, life happens. The measure of a person is in how they choose to handle what life has handed them and in this, Catherine is a champion. She chooses to see life for its possibilities and opportunities and while she has every reason to complain and give up, she chooses instead to put her energy into being the best of herself. Her infectious smile and giving spirit is Catherine.”

Ms Kit Wan Lim NLP Master Trainer, Country Director, Billy Kueek International Sdn Bhd

“I know Catherine Lim through our Klang Bilingual Toastmasters Club. Catherine Lim has outstanding English, I was always impressed whenever she gave language evaluation during the toastmasters meeting. I have an impression that she is passionate and warm hearted to contribute, to help those in need.”

 James Yeap, President of Klang Bilingual Toastmasters Club 2014-2015,  Health Educator, Nature Vision Care

“Catherine has helped bring cheer to people living with Parkinson’s and their caregivers at our Parkinson’s Center through drums. She is an inspiring figure and plays a very positive role in helping make a difference not only to the lives of people with Parkinson’s but other people who are in need. Her kindness, compassionate and the will to help others is commendable.”

Sara Lew, President of Malaysian Parkinson’s Disease Association.





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